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Rim Dimensions

form populated with data for:

Ryde Andra 40 406

Hub Dimensions

form populated with data for:

Shimano Alfine 11-speed SG-S700, SG-S705, SG-S7001-11, SG-S7051-11 135mm

Build Parameters

ERD Center-flange distance # Spokes
Drilling offsetA positive value will move left nipples to the left or right nipples to the right. (Negative values do the opposite.)
Flange pitch circle dia
Cross patternIndependent left & right values. Decimal cross values are handled just like Damon Rinard's spocalc.xls, but are not currently supported by the rendering engine.
Spoke hole diameter
Hub offsetA positive value will move the entire hub to the right of center.
 - ICE trike = 6mm
 - Pugsley = 17.5mm
 - Moonlander = 28mm
Rim FlipAuto will flip your rim to the strongest orientation. (only affects asymmetrical rims)
Left Right
Spoke length 173.6mm 172.7mm
Tension distribution 82% 100%
Spoke head clearance 4.31mm 4.31mm
Bracing angle 9.8°
Wrap angle (at rim) 13.5° 13.5°
Total angle at rim 16.5° 15.5°
Effective tangential PCD 91.7mm 91.7mm
Flange exit angle 73.5° 73.5°
Theta angle 60° 60°
wheel dish rendering spoke lacing rendering (left flange) spoke lacing rendering (right flange)