Sorry, registration is intentionally disabled at this time while a site-wide user account and authentication system is being integrated.

xoxo -Karl

Registration FAQ

What am I missing out on by not being able to create an account?

Not very much, at the moment. Things are being built for Freespoke that will allow saving build data/notes, and allow others to help with moderating submitted rim and hub data. The spoke tension balancing tool (which needs some updating!) has used this system in the past and will again once it is unified. Many future tools will be able to easily tie into the user account system in the future to allow saving data sitewide. There are lots of little projects started on a whim that will take plenty of time before I am ready to share them with the world.

When will registration be enabled?

The short answer is whenever I am satisfied with the registration and authentication system. I build and maintain this website in my free time by myself, so things happen much more slowly than if this was my day job and I had a small team working on it with me. This is an important goal, and I want to get there soon, but also make sure it is done right the first time.

How can I help this happen faster?

One of my big hurdles is integrating a "sign in with Google" system to be the main authentication system for the site. I'm partway there but am not a good enough programmer to figure it all out on my own. If you have experience doing such a thing in a PHP/MySQL environment and would be willing to help me connect the dots, I would be very interested in hearing from you! My email is kstoerz at gmail dot com.

It would be neat if you had a tool that could do _____...

I'm always eager to hear feedback, ideas, and feature requests! My whole goal is to build a collection of free tools for bike nerds that work well and do great things. If you've got thoughts about an existing tool or ideas for something you don't see here yet, please email me! kstoerz at gmail dot com.