Wheelbuilding and Spoke Calculators


Thinking of building some wheels? FreeSpoke is a powerful spoke length calculator with a user-updatable database of rim and hub measurements.

Spoke tension balancing utility

Inspired by the Park Tool TCC spreadsheet, but more powerful, web-based, and compatible with several different tensiometers. Use this utility to help balance the tension of your wheels.

Gear Calculators

Visual calculator and drivetrain comparison tool

New! Compare any two bicycle drivetrains side-by-side in graph format. Supports many internally-geared hubs.

Fixed gear visual calculator

This calculator uses the same visual style of the main calculator, but has added features for fixed gear applications. (in progress)

SS/FG gear calculator

The original kstoerz calculator. This provides a unique way to compare and select gear ratios for singlespeed and fixed gear drivetrains.

Other Stuff

Ruler Tool

Display distance values in various units on an inch or foot ruler.