Shimano Alfine 11-speed SG-S700, SG-S705, SG-S7001-11, SG-S7051-11 135mm Rear hub

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Hub Data
Manufacturer Shimano
Model Alfine 11-speed SG-S700, SG-S705, SG-S7001-11, SG-S7051-11
Position Rear
Axle Type 3/8" (9.5mm)
OLN 135 mm
Spoke Interface Type J-Bend
Brake Compatibility disc, Centerlock
Drive Interface single cog driver
Internal Gearing 11 speed
Dynamo Type none
Spoke Hole Diameter 2.9 mm
Left Flange Diameter 93 mm
Right Flange Diameter 93 mm
Left Flange Offset 29.5 mm
Right Flange Offset 24 mm
Mid-Flange Offset -2.8 mm (to the left)
Weight 1600 g
Hub ID 190
Record Status Public
Created Mar 19, 2010 2:59pm
hub dimension diagram
PLEASE NOTE: Shimano publishes hub dimensions in a relatively confusing manner on They seem to provide the outside-to-outside flange spacing, and an overall offset of the flanges as a whole. Wheelbuilders are interested in the distance from the midpoint between locknut faces to the middle of the flange (not the inside or outside face). When necessary, I convert Shimano's data into useful spoke calculation dimensions with some simple arithmetic, and factor in 3mm thick hub flanges (an approximation). The formula is to divide spacing by two, add or subtract the overall offset, then subtract half of our assumed 3mm flange thickness. Please check the notes to see if the values for this part are derived from Shimano's published data or actual measurements of a hub specimen. -Karl
11 near-evenly-spaced gear ratios cover a range of 409%.

This model was released fall of 2010 and was anticipated to be a "Rohloff killer", but has developed a reputation of being sensitive to shift adjustment and not as buttetproof as hoped. The internal workings are very similar in design to the popular 8-speed Nexus/Alfine hubs. Notable changes are that the hub is lubricated by an oil bath (similar to Rohloff) and that one planetary stage uses helical-cut gears. Read Sheldon Brown's page (linked) for a good breakdown of how the hub works and details on shortcomings. These hubs are inherently very sensitive to shift cable adjustment due to a significantly shorter amount of cable pull per gear shift. Sheldon's article points out that the cut of the gear teeth seems to have accidentally been cut backwards of what makes the most sense, placing significant axial loads on a clip rather than a machined shoulder. His takeaway is that the 8-speed hubs would likely be a better recommendation if the overall range will suffice. -Karl
All dimensions measured by Karl. (weight is still as quoted on spec sheet, spoke hole dia could use more accurate measurement)

Another fabulous resource:

7/14/22 -- Verified dims including 2.9mm spoke hole diameter on a used specimen while rebuilding a wheel for KG. -Karl
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