Surly Large Marge 24" [507] Rim

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Rim Data
Manufacturer Surly
Model Large Marge 24"
ISO Size ISO 507 (24" decimal)
ERD 486 mm
ERD source
Offset drilling 7 L, 7 R
Rim Bias 0 mm (centered)
Outer width 64.8 mm
Inner width 58.6 mm
Overall height 24.2 mm
Brake wall height 12 mm
Tire Type clincher
Joint Type Sleeved
Eyelet type Single
Weight 1027 g
Rim ID 335
Record Status Public
Created May 18, 2014 1:50pm
rim profile and dimension rendering
5/18/14 -- All data taken from a disassembled wheel while installing an Alfine 8spd hub on a Surly 1x1 Rat Ride anniversary edition. Note that this is the old original Large Marge extrusion with a well-defined facet on the profile down the center of the rim. -Karl