Surly Clownshoe [559] Rim

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Rim Data
Manufacturer Surly
Model Clownshoe
ISO Size ISO 559 (26" mtn)
ERD 543.5 mm
ERD source
Offset drilling 20 L, 20 R
Rim Bias 0 mm (centered)
Outer width 105 mm
Inner width 99 mm
Overall height 23.5 mm
Brake wall height
Tire Type clincher
Joint Type Welded
Eyelet type None
Weight 960 g
Rim ID 289
Record Status Public
Created Aug 28, 2011 11:52am
rim profile and dimension rendering
New rim for the Moonlander announced 8/24/2011. claimed 100mm width with a very similar drilling/cutout/profile to the Rolling Darryl. The ERD has not yet been specified that I am aware of; all specs are as claimed thus far. 64h drilling only (duplicated 32h drilling for several lacing options) -Karl

9/18/11 Update: upon careful measurements of the stock photo of the rim, the holes appear to be spaced roughly 40mm apart, or 20mm either side of the center line of the rim. THIS IS AN EDUCATED GUESS and should be verified before using these numbers to calculate spokes! Also being ASSUMED is that the ERD is the same as the Rolling Darryl rim. This should also be taken with a big grain of salt for now. -Karl

20/20 or 40mm hole separation confirmed by Bob at Surly.

Sam H. got his hands on an actual specimen before Karl did. New measurements were all taken by Sam. 543.5mm ERD jives with Surly's spec. Actual outer width is about 105mm! The extrusion is sort of a hybrid single/double wall, with single in the center where the drilling is and double at the outer edges where the bead seats. Welded seam, no eyelets. 932g as weighed by Sam. Cutouts are about 53mm by 35mm.

12/10/18 -- Checked ERD on a used rim during a wheel rebuild and came up with 544.5mm. -Karl
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