Velocity A23 [622] Rim

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Rim Data
Manufacturer Velocity
Model A23
ISO Size ISO 622 (700c, 29er)
ERD 601.3 mm
ERD source
Offset drilling
Rim Bias 0 mm (centered)
Outer width 22.8 mm
Inner width 17.8 mm
Overall height 19.4 mm
Brake wall height 8.1 mm
Tire Type clincher
Joint Type Sleeved
Eyelet type None
Weight 446 g
Rim ID 273
Record Status Public
Created Feb 23, 2010 10:20pm
Contributed By
rim profile and dimension rendering
new for 2009.

8/16/12 -- Karl measured ERD in a few places on a new rim and would probably call it 600.5mm, so I'll stick with the mfg spec of 601mm. Actual weight is 451g on this brand-new US-made specimen. Verified and slightly corrected measurements to match this sample (they were very close). -Karl

11/26/12 -- With the move to Florida production, the rim extrusion is slightly different. The new version can be identified by the compound-curved inner profile, where the original Australian version had a simple single concave shape. The ERD of a brand new rim measures slightly different than my notes from above. Measured in several places with very accurately-made ERD spoke stick things, I averaged it out to 601.3 (actual measurements were 601.1, 601.1, 601.5, 601.6). I updated the ERD and other physical measurements including weight to match the new version. -Karl
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