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Model Name

What is this part called? Don't include wheel size ("29er", etc)
unless it is part of the name used by the manufacturer.

ISO Size

ETRTO bead seat diameter

ERD mm

To improve consistency across many rims, there are some
strict measurement standards for ERD values contributed
to the FreeSpoke database.

ERD source

Please briefly explain where your ERD value came from.
(for example: "measured on new 32h specimen using FreeSpoke
method" or "manufacturer's published value; unverified" etc.

Live preview: rim profile and dimension rendering

(uses javascript to update rendered hub shell as values are changed)

Left offset drilling mm

The distance that the center of the nipple holes are offset away
from the centerline of the rim. Positive values mean that the left
holes are further left and the right holes are further right,
respectively. Negative values mean the opposite. Note that a rim
with all holes offset to one side will have one negative and one
positive value (which is which doesn't really matter). Many rims
have a negligible amount of stagger drilling and can be treated as
zero offset unless the ends of the spokes are moved off the
centerline more than a millimeter or two.

Right offset drilling mm
Outer width mm

The widest outside width of the rim profile. This is typically at
the brake walls or bead hooks, but not always.

Inner width mm

The narrowest inside width between the bead hooks.

Overall height mm

The overall tallest height of the rim profile. (Do not include the
additional height added by eyelets, etc.)

Brake wall height mm

The usable height of a flat rim brake track.
(enter zero for disc-only rim)

Tire Type

Default of clincher implies that a rim is not intended for tubeless
use. Don't forget to set tubeless-ready rims as "tubeless".

Joint Type

Looking into the holes adjacent to the seam with a flashlight is often
the best way to confirm. Enter carbon rims as "seamless". Feel free
to use "unknown" if you don't have a reliable way to determine the
joint type.

Eyelet Type

Weight g

Ideally measured on a bare rim without packaging, rim tape, valve
stem, etc.Weight will vary with drilling; feel free to describe the
sample weighed in the notes if you are in a position to do so.


Optional link to product information
(please begin with http:// or https://)

QBP attributes

(leave blank unless you know what this is for)
Paste text block to parse:
- left/right offset drilling
- inner/outer width
- overall height
- weight

Email address

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clarifications, etc.
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Credit contribution to

Your name or handle that will be visible on the part detail page as a credit.

Note to moderator

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