Velocity Dyad (AeroHeat) [559] Rim

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Rim Data
Manufacturer Velocity
Model Dyad (AeroHeat)
ISO Size ISO 559 (26" mtn)
ERD 536 mm
ERD source
Offset drilling
Rim Bias 0 mm (centered)
Outer width 23.8 mm
Inner width 18.3 mm
Overall height 21.9 mm
Brake wall height 10 mm
Tire Type clincher
Joint Type Sleeved
Eyelet type None
Weight 456 g
Rim ID 47
Record Status Public
Created Nov 1, 2009 7:41pm
rim profile and dimension rendering
This is the same extrusion as the very popular Dyad.

4/17/12 -- Measured actual ERD as exactly 535mm on two brand new rims. Changed original value of 536 to 535. These rims weighed 450g and 453g respectively. Left the original claimed weight alone for now. -Karl

3/14/13 -- Checked ERD of a new US-made rim and got a solid 536mm. Updated this and all the other measurements. -Karl

12/23/13 -- Checked ERD of a new 40h rim; still 536mm! -Karl

In 2018, Velocity made a running change to begin referring to the Aeroheat, Taipan, etc. as the Dyad, since they share the same extrusion. -Karl