Whisky No.9 70W [559] Rim

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Rim Data
Manufacturer Whisky
Model No.9 70W
ISO Size ISO 559 (26" mtn)
ERD 539 mm
ERD source measured by Karl including washers and common style 12mm nips
Offset drilling 12.8 L, 12.8 R
Rim Bias 0 mm (centered)
Outer width 70.3 mm
Inner width 64.8 mm
Overall height 21.3 mm
Brake wall height
Tire Type tubeless
Joint Type Seamless
Eyelet type None
Weight 567 g
URL http://whiskyparts.co/catalog/rims#fat
Rim ID 339
Record Status Public
Created Oct 16, 2014 11:21am
rim profile and dimension rendering
Double-wall tubeless carbon fatbike rim. Designed to be laced up with the provided spoke washers.

567g is without washers/tape/valve/etc.

All dims and weights taken by Karl on a first generation rim. 539 ERD is MFG claimed number and appears accurate based on a slightly smaller measurement taken without nipple washers in place yet. -Karl

(For DM's wheel 10/16/14 -Karl)