Turnagain FR80 (559)

Rim ID 332
Manufacturer Turnagain
Model FR80
Tire Size ISO 559 (26" mtn)
Offset drilling 24 L, 24 R 0 L, 0 R
Outer width 78.8 mm
Inner width
Overall height v
Brake wall height 12.5 mm v
TireType clincher v
JointType Pinned v
Eyelet type Single v
Weight 890 g v
URL http://www.turnagaincomponents.com/#!fr80-rims
1/29/14 -- No ERD specified on the mfg's website; I haven't had an unlaced rim on hand to measure yet. Offset and outer width measured by Karl. These rims have edges in the form of non-machined parallel-sided brake walls, but I doubt they're intended to be used with rim brakes. (as usual, the mfg offers almost no details) -Karl

rim dimension diagram

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