Hub ID 306
Manufacturer American Classic
Model 74mm folder front
Position Front
Axle Type 8mm
Brake Compatibility rim brake
Drive Interface n/a (front)
Internal Gearing none
Generator Type none
OLN 74 mm
Spoke Hole Diameter 2.7 mm
Left Flange Diameter 30 mm
Right Flange Diameter 30 mm
Left Flange Offset 20.7 mm
Right Flange Offset 20.7 mm
Weight 0 g
Hard to get and needs to be modified slightly to fit Brompton by turning axle endcaps down from 9mm to 8mm. Note that hubs are drilled 14h and are not staggered (holes in left flange are directly across from holes in right flange). Flange PCD can not be measured directly due to the odd number of holes on each flange, but can be calculated using the center-to-center distance of two nearly-adjacent holes: -Karl

hub dimension diagram

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