Hub ID 242
Manufacturer Cannondale
Model Lefty
Position Front
Axle Type Lefty
Brake Compatibility disc, 6-bolt
Drive Interface n/a (front)
Internal Gearing none
Generator Type none
OLN 100 mm
Spoke Hole Diameter 2.5 mm
Left Flange Diameter 58 mm
Right Flange Diameter 45 mm
Left Flange Offset 18.4 mm
Right Flange Offset 31.6 mm
Weight 0 g
(Measurements from the latest Spocalc spreadsheet)

3/25/15 -- Verified these measurements on a built-up Lefty wheel. Measurements are based on the dimensions of the hub with the Cannondale dummy axle adapter installed, which essentially turns it into a 100mm front hub for purposes of wheelbuilding and dishing. -Karl

hub dimension diagram

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