Hub ID 198
Manufacturer NuVinci
Model N330/N360/N380
Position Rear
Axle Type 10mm
Brake Compatibility disc, 6-bolt
Drive Interface Shimano 1 (SS, <27mm)
Internal Gearing continuously variable
Generator Type none
OLN 135 mm
Spoke Hole Diameter 2.9 mm
Left Flange Diameter 125 mm
Right Flange Diameter 125 mm
Left Flange Offset 26 mm
Right Flange Offset 26 mm
Weight 2450 g
(wheelbuilding dimensions are the same for the N330/N360/N380)

Released in 2010, this latest version shaves three pounds off of the hub weight and makes it significantly smaller. The shift pod is also moved inside the dropout for better durability compared to the N171.

N330: 0.5 to 1.65 = 330% range
N360: 0.5 to 1.8 = 360% range
N380: 0.5 to 1.9 = 380% range

All have minimum primary ratio of 1.8 for pedal-only or front-motor e-bikes, and 2.0 for <=250w mid-drive e-bikes.

Sprocket interface uses 3/32" Shimano 9-spline cogs. Cogs must be 2.3mm to 4.5mm thick at the center, and flat on the inner side. not compatible with 1/8" chains due to tight clearances.

Brake mount can be converted between 6-bolt disc and roller brake interfaces by installing different side plates, or a cover can be installed if rim brakes are being used.

hub dimension diagram

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