Hub ID 310
Manufacturer All City
Model New Sheriff SL (newer)
Position Rear
Axle Type 10mm
Brake Compatibility rim brake
Drive Interface threaded, flip-flop (all combos)
Internal Gearing none
Generator Type none
OLN 120 mm
Spoke Hole Diameter 2.7 mm
Left Flange Diameter 62 mm
Right Flange Diameter 62 mm
Left Flange Offset 28.2 mm
Right Flange Offset 28.2 mm
Weight 432 g
7/19/16 -- Newer version of the New Sheriff. Visually discernible by the mostly-cylindrical endcaps (the old New Sheriff endcaps have a continuous taper). Cutouts are also bigger and flanges more minimalistic. Flange diameters are the same, but offsets are a little different.

hub dimension diagram

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